Everything you need to enjoy the outdoors

Nature is dressed best when it’s dressed in the colors of the outdoors. The emerald of cloud-hugging hill tops and the halcyon od sun kissed coasts all boast of the beauty that is inherent to the great outdoors.

World of Outdoor undertakes the design, production and distribution of a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor furniture. Based in Attidiya, Sri Lanka, the company operates from two showrooms, placed strategically in the commercial hubs of the island. World of Outdoor is a subsidiary of the Rainco Group, along with its other subsidiaries: Light & Shade, MeubelHouse, Homelux, Quickpak and Kuveni.

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Our Promise


Charged with the sole objective of ensuring total satisfaction, our team of outdoor experts are equipped to assist you with any query. Our promise of reliable service ensures ll our clients are served at the best of our ability. We believe that service is indeed what helps us grow, and our service reflects the belief we operate on.


A strong focus on quality is an attribute that sets us apart from the completion and ranks us among the best in the business. Quality inspections are routine and regular, carried out at every stage of production, storage and distribution.


Complete integration allows us to control delivery time better and as a result our products will be delivered to your doorstep in the shortest turnaround time.


Our assurance of quality is further warranted with warranty periods that promise replacements or repairs of our products. Products warranted by World of Outdoor are guaranteed to be manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.